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Recent events in other places have meant that I feel it's time for a friendslist cut.

I'll point out that this is the first time since I opened this journal eight years ago that I've done this. That's how ridiculous things have gotten. Hell, I didn't even go friends only until last fall. Things explode quickly I guess.

I'm making this post and waiting at least 24 hours so that people have a chance to ask to stay if they don't comment often but read the journal and enjoy it.

This is not going to be a "I'm going from 200 down to 20" kind of cut. This is a trim, a few inches off the top. But sadly, things have just gotten out of hand for too many people lately, so I feel like I need to do this. Especially since I'm about to actually have my name out in the wide world in a professional context, and the last thing I need or want is internet drama.

People who don't need to worry about being cut, and thus can move along if they like:
-Blood related family (this includes Cyn)
-Hollins friends.
-VTSFFCers and people that I met through that crowd.

People that I will be looking at and considering
-Anyone that I haven't met physically in real life.
-Anyone that I have known online for less than two years.
-Anyone who posts so infrequently that I almost always miss it.
-Anyone that I never comment on their posts nor do they comment on mine.
-Anyone who hasn't posted in six months or more.

Those of you that fit that group, you won't automatically be gone, just considered. So if I haven't actually talked to you in a long time, and we don't ever comment on each other's posts, then please feel free to comment and ask to stay.

Journals that are automatically being moved over to be friended by my "creative" journal, that I never post in but use to read other people's stuff:
-Any extra creative journals. This includes photography, writing, crafting, RPing, etc. This doesn't mean I don't want to read your stuff or that I'm unfriending you. It just means I'm making things easier for me to sort out and figure out. IF you use your primary journal for discussion of writing then that will stay here.

I do not mean anything personal by this. I understand entirely that it's not like you can completely remove the personal aspect of the situation, that you might feel hurt or upset about this (though I think that's egotistical of me to think you care that much about my random rantings) but it just boils down to the fact that my LJ has gotten a little out of control and I've stopped being able to keep up. I was trying to make an attempt to do it, but in the end, other things have convinced me that it's time.

This is not a cry for people to say "OMG, I love your posts, please don't get rid of me!" and don't feel you need to say "You can delete me if you want..." I'm just writing this up in the interest of clarity and transparency, since I've been ranting about that a lot lately.
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