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Okay, so friends trim is done. One important note: I removed everybody that didn't have me friended back, unless it was somebody like a rather famous published author whose stuff I just want to read. But for most people, my basic rule is that if I get removed from your friendlist (or never added) then I don't keep you on mine. It's just the way I work.

I also removed anybody whose last update was before August of 2008. If anybody suddenly comes back and wonders what happened, then just comment on this post and I'll probably add you back. Some of these were also old journals for people who have moved to new usernames. Also, a few Hollins people were on this list, and I hated to see them go but I think they're never coming back.

Like I said, any art, photography, writing, or crafting journals will be friended by [ profile] midnightmusings so that I can keep track over there (but I'll warn you, that journal is generally private story ramblings so I only use it for reading and commenting). Please friend back if that's your style.

Thanks for understanding, now back to business as usual!

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